Uninstall Toolbars from Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

You may be annoyed from the first place that a toolbar consumes your browsers space and that’s the reason why you want to remove this annoying toolbars. Aside from that, the things that you must put your concern is what do toolbars will do to your browser. Most toolbars will change your homepage, manipulate search results and will redirect you to website with full of advertisements and pop ups. The most alarming of this kind of toolbar is it will hijack your browser. Hijacking your browser means a toolbar will block your usually visited sites, like websites that you need to login. They do it so that they can steal your username and password leading to the chance that they may also steal your credit card numbers. Illegitimate toolbars can also be a portal for viruses and malwares.

These toolbars are often bundled with third party software and an average computer user didn’t know that. Their eyes are not keen about checkboxes stating bundled toolbar. Like this one I downloaded as an example.


Notice the message inside the red box. It indicates that a bundle toolbar will be installed as soon as you proceed with the installation. But sometimes this message is not noticeable. They put it that way so that users will have a little chance of disregarding the toolbar.

How to prevent toolbars from getting installed.

  1. Be keen when installing softwares specially free softwares that you downloaded from the internet. Free softwares are often the culprit of this toolbars because it serve as sponsor for their app.
  2. Read carefully every instruction before pressing any button. The user is also at blame for ignoring labels and instructions.
  3. If you encounter message stating a toolbar installation like the example above, you must deselect the toolbar so that it will not be installed.2

How to uninstall toolbars from browsers.

Step 1

Before we begin download first ccleaner as we need this application through the process. You can download and install ccleaner as a free user by the way.

  1. Open ccleaner then click tools at the left side. You will be on the uninstall tab automatically. Navigate to the toolbar you want to uninstall then click run uninstaller.3
  2. After uninstallation is complete, click Registry at the left panel of ccleaner then click scan for issues.6
  3. After scan is completed, obsolete registry entries will be shown. This are the registry entry from the toolbar and other software you have uninstalled. We need to delete them in order to uninstall them completely. Be sure all of them are selected then click fix selected issues. A message will appear asking if you want to backup the selected registry. Click No then click fix all selected issues. Click close then exit ccleaner.7

Step 2

We will restore your browser’s setting.


  1. Open firefox. Press Ctrl + Shift + A or press Alt then firefox’s toolbar will appear and click Tools>add-ons.12
  2. On Add-ons Manager click Extensions. List of all of your firefox extensions will appear. Uninstall all the toolbar’s extension and other extension you think you didn’t install personally by clicking Remove button. Restart firefox.13
  3. To restore default search engine, click the magnifying tool at the upper right corner of firefox then click Manage Search Engines.
  4. On Manage Search Engine List remove the toolbar’s or uncommon search engines. Click on your preferred search engine like google or bing then click OK.
  5. To restore default homepage, press Alt so that firefox’s navigation toolbar will appear then click Options.18
  6. On option’s general tab, write your preferred homepage. Then click ok.19

Google Chrome

  1. Open google chrome. Write this on the address bar chrome://settings/ or just click chrome menu at the upper right corner of google chrome then click Settings.20
  2. While on settings tab click set pages on startup section. We will change your homepage to your whatever you preferred.
  3. On startup pages, delete the current homepage by pressing x that correspond to it. This is the homepage the toolbar has been set. Then input your new homepage and click OK.23
  4. Still on the setting tab, click manage search engines.25
  5. Under search engines, hover your cursor over your preferred search engine then click make default.26
  6. Remove search engines that the toolbar has added. They are usually unpopular search engines. Hover your cursor over this search engines then press x at the right side that correspond to the search engine and press done.27
  7. We will now remove the toolbar, under extension tab, click the trash can icon that corresponds to the toolbar. Restart google chrome. We’re done.21

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Click the gear icon on the upper right corner of Internet Explorer then click Manage Add-ons.
  2. Under Toolbars and Extensions disable all enabled toolbars that you didn’t install intentionally.32
  3. On Search Providers, remove all search providers that you didn’t install intentionally. Press close to close the add-ons property.
  4. Click again the gear icon at the upper right corner then choose Internet Options.30
  5. Under General tab, change the homepage to whatever website you like. Then press OK.31


Hopes this tutorial help you.


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