Ways to Properly Eject USB Storage Device

Ejecting your flash drive before removing from USB port is necessary in order to avoid data loss and possible damage to the device. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to eject USB storage device.

  1. Before ejecting your USB, make sure that no program is still using your device and all file transfer is finished.
  2.  You can eject your device by any of the following.

    Via system tray. Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon and choose Eject USB Mass Storage Device that corresponds to your device.

    Via My Computer Window. Right click your USB drive then click Eject.2

    Via My Computer Window Toolbar. Open Computer Click your USB Storage Device then at the windows’ toolbar click Eject.

  3. After ejecting your USB Storage Device, don’t rush in unplugging it. Sometimes if your Device is still in use by your system it will cost some delay. To be sure that it is completely ejected check if your device is in color gray or completely removed in my computer. Other people rely on the USB’s led light as a signal if the USB is completely ejected. In Windows Vista and 7 it is totally useless because even if the USB is totally ejected, the LED light will not stop to light. If you want to switch it off after the USB is totally ejected, then you can use this tweak.


That’s it!

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