White in Windows 7 Becomes Yellow or Dirty White When Viewing Images

This problem happens most of the time after windows update or after you install adobe photoshop. Part of the photo with white colors turned into yellowish or dirty white color. Also windows photo viewer background inherent this problem.  This happened because your color management profile has been changed. You need to put back the right setting.


  1.  Hit Windows Key + R, and then run control panel.5
  2. Change control panel view by selecting small icons.6
  3. Click color management.7
  4. This is your current profile that causes the problem. Before anything else make sure first that you      selected your monitor correctly.
  5. Click add. Select Adobe RGB (1998). Then click OK. While Adobe RGB still selected click Set as Default Profile then finally close Color Management table.9

Your problem should be fixed by now.

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